Avoiding visible confusion

You open your laptop and glance at your emails and Rob, your tech lead, has sent you an email from last night “Can you follow up on this request? See attached. Need ASAP.” Subject line: “Follow-up from meeting” You reread the email. Thinking your caffeinate free brain missed a sentence. You open the attachment; it is a detailed but ultimately uninformative diagram. What on earth does Rob want you to do? This leads you to ask your teammate Larry, what’s going on. He’s not sure but he does know that Rob is in meetings all morning. Great. Do you reply…

Cleaner data visuals aren’t just more attractive but if done correctly are easier to read. Helping you to quash off both dreaded questions of “Can you make this look better?” and “Can you make this more readable?” At the NRC, we are working on incorporating these straightforward steps to create visuals that are both appealing and help to embrace all our users.

Double/Visual Encoding

Are you a double agent? When it comes to making charts more accessible and easier to understand, displaying the same piece of information in at least two ways is key. This can be showing the bar size in…

Chelsea Wilson

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